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Nepal » Sunkoshi River Rafting
8 Days / 7 Nights

This is the longest river trips offered in Nepal, traversing 270km through the beautiful Mahabharat Range on its meandering way from the put in at Dolalghat to the take out at chatara, far down on the Gangetic plain. It is quit an experience to begin a river trip just 3 hrs out of Kathmandu, barely 60km from the Tibet border, and end the trip looking down the hot dusty gun barrel of the North Indian Plain just a week later. The Sun Kosi starts off fairly relaxed, with class II and small class III rapids to warm up on during the first couple of days. Asian adventure guides will take this opportunity to get the teams to work with exquisite precision, as on the third day the rapids become more powerful and frequent, with high water trips finding themselves astonished at just how big a wave in a river can get. While the lower section of large colume rivers are usually rather flat, the Sun Kosi reserves some of its biggest and best rapids for the last days. The calmer stretches between rapids gives you time to take in the phenomenal views swim (voluntary) in warm water and camp on white sandy beaches. This river is a BIG volume HIGH adrenaline expedition!!!
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